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Our Avate Athletes are made up of professional and nonprofessional climbers. Along with photographers and anyone else who makes an impact on the climbing community whether that be through non-profit work or those who just love to climb.

Name: Alyse Dietel
Location: Arizona
Instagram: @seelyseeclimb
Blog: See Lysee Climb

Alyse Dietel caught the climbing bug at seven years old. She competed nationally for eight years, then headed off to Flagstaff Arizona for college. Two weeks into her first semester, she fell off a cliff and was paralyzed from the waist down with multiple injuries. She worked hard to relearn to walk, then to climb. Since then she has climbed in many amazing places and has become a full member of the Flagstaff climbing community, including working at her local gym. Climbing is her biggest passion, and she tries to utilize that passion to empower women in the outdoors and to promote environmental awareness.

Name: Chris Simmons
Location: Arizona
Instagram: @xchrissimmonsx
Youtube: The Average Climber

Chris Simmons has been climbing since the fall of 2010 and the sport has quickly taken over every aspect of his life, so much so, the he has transformed his entire garage into a training facility. It is here where Chris trains on all of his free time to take on his outdoor projects. When Chris isn’t working at his full time job or training in his home gym, you will find him on the road, or at some of the best climbing destinations the southwest has to offer.

Name: Claire Bukowski
Location: Arizona
Instagram: @claire.bukowski

Claire started climbing when she joined Tucson's Youth Travel Team in 2009. She has working her way up from a regional level all the way to competing nationally against the best of the best. She also loves spending her time climbing outside every chance she can get.

Name: Dylan Totaro
Location: Utah
Instagram: @dylantotaro
Twitter: @laxin24

Growing up just minutes away from the Ogden boulder field located in Northern Utah its easy to see how climbing has become a big part of my life. I often find myself climbing the coarse granite slabs in Little Cottonwood Canyon or the rich sandstone in Moab, Utah. My growing passion for adventure photography has made its way into my life of climbing, allowing the viewer to join in on each outdoor adventure.

Name: Macullen Daniel
Location: South Carolina
Instagram: @macullenscott

Macullen has been climbing since 2012. He has most recently taken 2nd in ABS Regionals, 5th in ABS Divisonals, and placed 21nd in ABS Youth Nationals agains the best youth climbers in the the United States. Macullen also enjoys listening to Matisyahu while he climbs in his Sportiva Solutions at his favorite crag Rumbling Bald in NC.

Name: Zak Silver
Location: Washington
Instagram: @climber2626

Zak Silver has been climbing for almost 12 years. He has taken many breaks due to other sports, but climbing always been his favorite. He has been devoted to climbing only for the last 5 years but he has made it to nationals multiple times and even placed top ten at Bouldering Nationals in 2012. With so much local rock in his home town of Spokane, Wa he has been busy sending test-pieces and creating a foundation for harder grades. In may of 2014 he sent his very first 5.14 at the age of 15 years old. He has sense sent dozens of 13's ready for the next level of difficult grades. His prime motives are to train when its wet and to be outside as much as possible. Zak's favorite place to climb is at a local crag in Northern Washington called Marcus and his favorite kicks are the 5.10 Pink lace Anasazi's.

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